Attention Deficit Mouse Hunter

mrspete21This is Mrs. Pete, our cat. She does ok at contributing to the farm by killing mice, but I think only by pure luck and the fact that there are SO many mice! As you can see in this picture, her attention span is very short. She has already forgotten that she has a yet-to-be-killed mouse before her, and she’s gazing off into the distance. Mice can outwit her by running in between her hind legs and escaping, and she cannot figure out where they went.

This afternoon we saw a mouse go scurrying across the driveway. A moment later, there was Pete, ambling after it, in no hurry, and glancing about as usual, distracted and unfocused. She kept pursuing the thing, both of them moving at sort of a mall-walking pace, for the next half hour.

I finally sent Maggie  the Border Collie out to end the drama, in a few seconds, she crunched it and ate it. Yum!

Mrs. Pete has had some interest in the chicken chicks, as I’m starting to let them range outside while I’m home. But, though they are small and easy pickings, she seems content to just watch them, so far! mrspete

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