BC C 279

Offered for sale as a registered Katahdin ewe $275

Fun badger colored girl with white blaze and socks, 9 years old. This is a really laid back, good mama with great EBVs. I’m only selling her because she’s hitting the end of the line milk-wise in being able to raise more than one lamb. This often happens when they get older, despite strong milk scores; over time, subclinical mastitis and use/abuse starts to scar up the udder and they just can’t feed as many lambs.  So she could be retired out as a pet, or if someone wanted to breed her to capture some of these diverse genetics and fun color genetics, just be ready to supplement her lambs. This ewe brings in diverse genetics from Missouri, Iowa and some other great Midwest NSIP flocks. Lambing record starting as a yearling: 2/2, 2/2, 2/2, 3/3, 3/2, 1/1, 2/2, 2/0, 3/2 (in 2022 lost both lambs to clostridium which was not her fault, and in 2023 I chose to orphan rear one and early-wean a second one).

EBVs from the 2023 lamb crop WWT data. Photo taken May 2023. She has one pretty dilute blueish fawn ewelamb (#22037) at side that could go with her for an extra $325, or she can go solo once her lamb is weaned late June.

0.494 1.858 3.942 12% 17% 0.358 1.124 128.81 103.88


BC C 279
Twin birth
DOB: 2/20/14
RR at codon 171
FAH12-118B WSK4298 CMG9063 ENCORE
WSK2066 75%
FAH11-013 MVF61059
BC Z 104-13 CMG10019 TMD8-106
BC Y 2-33 PBB1285
BC R 24-32