Beginnings of a Fenceline; and One Stolen Roasted Chicken!


I’ve gotten quite a few fence posts in, just in the last week and a half. I need to do the cross-braces, and then I’ll have two sections ready to stretch; maybe by next weekend!

Despite the general law that things never go faster than they did the previous time, I’m finding that I’m going much faster on this fence than last year’s fence. I’m doing less concrete on each post, and I’m not pre-mixing it before it goes in the hole. This fenceline is also following a meandering ditch line, so I can be sloppier about lining up the  wood posts, and just arc the T-posts to follow the curves that the wood posts make. Whereas last year’s fence was on a very straight ditch line, so I felt compelled to align all the posts as perfectly as I could.

In case you’re wondering, Kirk doesn’t help me much with the fences. We’ve found that they’re just not a two-person job- it always ends up with one of us standing there watching the other person work. There is only one tractor, one post hole digger, etc. The only time it really helps to have two people is when it’s time to put on the million little clippies that hold the wire to the T-posts.

So, Kirk is working on other stuff- clearing and stacking the rest of the barn wood, and building bridges, amongst other things. And, tonight, he made a roasted chicken in the BBQ while I set three wood posts in the field. But, Maggie got most of it- she stole it off the counter while we were eating dinner! :-0

2 thoughts on “Beginnings of a Fenceline; and One Stolen Roasted Chicken!

  1. Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS™ says:

    I am so impressed that you’re doing the fence work by your self. But you’re right it really only takes one person. When we do fences, I’m the stand-around, go-to person. 🙂 Too bad about that chicken! Bet Maggie enjoyed her dinner!

  2. workingcollies says:

    Hi Wardeh!
    Yes, it’s a good workout, I’m getting buffed up forearms; and of course, a farmer’s tan! 🙂 Ah, yes, darn Maggie, she outsmarts us often enough! 😛 Good thing she’s so cute and funny.

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