Corn Starts


We had a corn patch all rototilled and ready to go late May, when the soil was warming up. But then we had the excavators come; and ended up deciding to put a driveway there. So, corn planting was up in the air for a while.

Though we have lots of room, at times it doesn’t feel like it, because we’re moving things around so much. Finally, we decided it would be safe to plant the corn on a hillside slope, in some real compost-ey soil, where we won’t be doing anything this summer.

So, I got it in the ground pretty late, just a couple of weeks ago. But, it’s coming up nicely in all this heat. The package said 73 days to harvest, so hopefully it’ll have time. I don’t plan on watering it, I’m hoping it doesn’t need it. It seems like farmers who do huge fields of corn around here don’t water; I think it grows deep enough roots to stay hydrated in our soils.

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