Fencing: 90% There!

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I am taking vacation every Friday in July and August. I got a lot done this weekend, three whole days really help get regular chores done, plus extra things I want to do. I finished the fourth side of fence posts for the pasture, hooray! I have to put the cross-beams on four H-braces, and then it’s ready to stretch. After that, it needs four gates hung and it’ll be ready for livestock!

There are more things to be done in this pasture: it needs another line of fencing to segregate it from the lane. It needs the septic drain field fenced, to keep animals off that area, except for flash-grazing. And, it needs a permanent water supply. For now, I’m going to make do stretching a long hose from the house, and hauling water during freezing weather. But, my goal is to get it under graze as soon as possible, to put that grass to good use, and cut down on the amount of mowing needed. And, have something on which to train dogs!

I picked up some concrete at the local farm co-op store down the road today. I really enjoy that store; the man helping me load my stuff has been keeping track of my progress. He offered much encouragement today. We have a new Home Depot nearby, and I do appreciate the good prices and wide selection of such a big store. But, the employees there would never remember my name or what I’m working on, that’s for sure!

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