Fencing little by little

Wednesday night I got a wee bit of fencing prep done, I went out and measured and marked the post locations on a whole line. But then, I realized I made a math error (darn those, I seem to be challenged in that area) and had to re-do several of the marks. That’s annoying, trying to orange-spray-paint not-so-little notes to myself on roughly mowed grass, “Ignore this post marker, wrong spot, use that one over there…” Hopefully I can remember how to interpret my notations when I go back to place the posts!

I was also vexed to see that one of the wood brace posts I’d concreted-in had somehow shifted, it’s 2″ off the string line, and I had them SO perfect when I set them! Maybe some deer leaned up against it for an hour smoking a cigarette there, 😉 I don’t know; I can’t imagine how they could have moved! So, now I’m debating whether to ignore the flaw and let the fence be crooked there, or to add a 2″ board onto that post to fix the line. Hmm.

After this chore, and after wrestling Old Chessie back to the house (poor, senile dog, he tends to just wander, and fall down, in the field) we watched No Country for Old Men, a Cohen Brothers film. It was violent, which I don’t like, but still a good watch. They have such a weird style, it’s hard not to appreciate their oddity, I guess.

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