Four Ducklings

So here are the healthy babies, cute as buttons!

They sure like to play in their water, I have to keep re-filling it! For now, they are in a wire dog crate (to keep dogs & cats out) with cardboard lining it (to keept them in). The crate is in the unfinished upstairs of the house. This weekend, I’ll have to start building them an outdoor pen. I am thinking of some kind of “chicken tractor” style of house that I can move easily, but I have yet to design it.  

I’m curious to see how the ducklings’ markings turn out. The “parents” I have are a pair of Silver Magpies, and a Black Runner Duck  hen. The two big babies we’re thinking look half Runner already, and look as though they’ll be black and white. The yellow guy has faint markings on his back, so he may be a silver Magpie. The little guy, I’m not so sure…

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