Growing Lambs and Storing Hay


Here is #10 and her ram lamb, who was born mid-January. He is almost as big as his mother! They are both doing an interesting second-shed- they shed out earlier, but are shedding again, down to a very, very short coat.

I am enthused about using him for breeding this year, he is turning into a nice ram. I plan to use him on all of Hershey’s daughters. I still want to concentrate a lot of Hershey’s genes into the flock, so I’ll use Hershey on everybody to whom he’s not already related.

Today I put up a ton of hay for winter feeding, while it was on sale at summer prices. I contemplated buying it out of someone’s field, for the best price. But, I didn’t want to load it all myself, and though our flatbed truck is great for hauling, it’s very high. So, it would have been a lot of labor to pitch bales up onto it. And, that truck tends to lose traction on slippery surfaces, when loaded down. So, I opted for the slightly higher priced feed store version. They have a hay loader that grabs ten bales at a time, so they can fill a truck quickly and neatly.

I stored it in my parents’ barn, since we don’t yet have a barn. So, now we’re all set for winter, plenty of hay for when the pastures are all grazed down around December.

2 thoughts on “Growing Lambs and Storing Hay

  1. Dee Daly says:

    Hey Michelle, I have been following your blog and I may have some useful items for you. As you know I am an operating room nurse and we frequently have “waste items” that we send to foreign missions. Perhaps you can use some of those items. I have gathered some items for you and will deliver them to you when it is convient. Items include surgical gloves, gowns, tubing, sponges, etc. If this is something you can use let me know. Otherwise we will send it to the mission. I can also get out dated suture & instruments such as needle holders and clamps. I enjoy reading your blog.
    Your former neighbor and present neighbor to your parents!
    Dee Daly

    • workingcollies says:

      Wow, Dee, thanks for the offer, that sounds great! Sheep are pretty dumb and often run into things and get cut up, so it’s always good to have sewing gear on hand! And lambing season always seems to call for medical stuff as well. I’ll email you my phone number, I can either run up there or you can stop by if you want a grand tour!

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