Pets for Sale

Below are current sheep that are being sold as pets. These are typically middle-age girls that have failed out of my breeding system due to subclinical mastitis or being open more than one breeding season. Some of them could possibly still be bred in an environment where they will get really good feed and care, and/or where their lambs can be orphan-reared when necessary. Otherwise, they make good pets, stock for herding dog training, or “lawnmowers”. They are usually mellow, experienced girls that will be easy to handle and can tame up.

Well-cared for sheep can live well into their teens, especially when they are not experiencing the stress of reproduction. So usually these girls have many years left to enjoy in a “retirement home” setting. Sometimes these ewes end up getting culled for mutton, they are worth $2/lb live weight (so about $300) in that market. But I like to give these hard working girls a chance to find a new home, and I have a significant market of people looking for pets.

If you want to reserve sheep but can’t pick up right away, $100 deposit can hold them for up to a month (board fees apply after that). You can drop a payment by on the front porch, mail me a check, or PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo me. Contact me for details. Click on any of the thumbnail or “read more” links below to see a larger photo, and read a description of each animal. This thumbnail page sometimes doesn’t display well on small devices, so best to view on a PC. 

Pet Katahdins for Sale

Offered for sale as a pet Katahdin ewe $275 Well-conditioned three-year-old white ewe. She early-aborted twins last year and did
Offered for sale as a pet Katahdin ewe $275 Beautiful buckskin ewe with a brockle face. She hasn't lambed in
Offered for sale as a pet Katahdin ewe $275 Sweet and gentle old wheaten colored girl who's had lots of
Offered for sale as a pet Katahdin ewe $275 This is a pretty red ewe with white markings, white tail,
Offered for sale as a pet Katahdin ewe $275 Nice white ewe with strong and balanced EBVs across the board.
Offered for sale as a pet Katahdin ewe $275 This girl is at the end of her line for raising