KMC 19066

Offered for sale as a purebred Katahdin yearling ewe $275

Cute ewe with a freckle face. She delivered a lovely lamb and I happened upon them right at the time of birth, only to be dismayed to see the lamb having agonal breaths and I was not able to resuscitate it. It may have had a distressing birth, I don’t know. This ewe was so upset over her lamb she did not leave it for a day. I finally brought her in and tried to graft another lamb onto her, but she was resistant and I was too busy to persist. Instead I left her in the barn and found that she tolerated all the bummer lambs nursing off of her, as long as they did it from the back. 😀 So, she’s been feeding a whole gang of lambs, but I’m about to wean them all to sell as growers, so her job will be done for this year. I would not expect her lamb loss to recur, but have discounted her a bit anyway. She has very good growth EBVs and strong prolificacy and milk, just hit a little on her NLW score because of the lamb loss. Nice mix of KRK Katahdins (Oregon), Birch Cove (David Coplen, Missouri), and Thistle Grove Farm (John Bare, Iowa).

Photo taken May 2020. EBVs from the 2020 lamb crop birth data. This ewe is ready to go to a  new home today and breed this fall!

0.351 1.996 3.092 13% -1% 0.412 1.481 112.10 103.05


Twin birth
DOB: 4/7/19
QR or RR at codon 171
KMC18127 KMC5088 WRN006
BC C 298
KMC5100 JRB14007
MRL315 KRK2123RR KRK0845
KRK936 KRK725


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