KMC 20010

Offered for sale as a purebred Katahdin ewe, $300 

Really flashy panda-faced chocolate roan ewelamb. This girl’s mother developed mastitis as a yearling before she even lambed, so has had a rough time raising lambs right out of the gate (this is her dam’s third lamb crop). This lamb has been half dam-raised, half orphan-reared on a teat bucket. She is pretty social from being in the barn her whole life. She has good prolificacy and moderate growth scores. Her milk score is a little lean, but that is mostly coming from her dam’s damaged score, which may not reflect her true genetics if she hadn’t had mastitis right out of the gate. Her sire has a good milk score, so this girl may be a good milker, only time will tell.

Diverse pedigree blending genetics from KRK Katahdins in Oregon, Misty River Farm in Moses Lake (now retired), Aspen Mountain Farm in Montana, and Birch Cove (David Coplen) in Missouri.

Photo taken May 2020. EBVs from 2020 lamb crop birth data. This lamb can go to a new home today. New owner should plan on feeding her a good diet of alfalfa and/or some kind of creep grain to keep her on a good growth curve for another month or two until her rumen is fully able to take advantage of forage and grass.

0.309 1.727 3.330 13% 11% -0.132 0.007 116.68 104.43
Twin birth
DOB: 3/16/20
KMC19098 KMC7045 KMC 5071
KMC2033 KMC0900
KMC7070 KMC5088 WRN006
BC C 298
MRL326 KRK2123RR


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