KMC 20106

Offered for sale as a commercial Katahdin yearling ewe $240

Orange spotted yearling ewe. For some reason, she has one nostril totally occluded, so she breathes kind of loud. Her ear actually droops on the same side. My vet’s best guess is this might be tissue damage from bot flies, for which we treated with injectable Ivermectin, but perhaps there is scar tissue in there that will never go away. Thus, she will either go on the butcher list this summer, or can go to a pet home (she is priced as a butcher lamb). She could probably be bred, but she may always need kind of a coddled, stress-free life, since obviously any running or respiratory pressure could put her in distress. Currently she is in good weight and otherwise quite healthy. She is a mellow, curious, modest-sized girl that’s easy to handle.

Photo taken May 2021.   This ewe is open (not bred), and can go to a new home any time.

KMC 20106
Twin birth
DOB: 4/5/20
QR or RR at codon 171 (by parentage)
KMC7045 KMC5071 KMC2022
BC C 291
KMC2033 KMC0900 KRK650
ADS0038 RIT456