KMC 21004

Offered for sale as a purebred  Katahdin ewelamb $275, exposed

Classic white ewelamb. Dam traces back to local genetics plus Thistle Grove Farm (John Bare DVM, Iowa) and Misty River Farm (Mary Bakko, Moses Lake, now retired). We in the PNW have been lucky to borrow a ram from the USDA Research Station in Booneville, AR; Dr. Joan Burke is lending him to our region so that we can get better linkage to the “cluster” of flocks in the Midwest/South. He’s been on a tour through Idaho and Oregon, and made a stop here last winter to be used in my flock, and he’s headed East now. Take advantage of some great out-of-state genetics! The sire has very strong milk and survival, but his scores have dropped a bit on growth and survival. This girl’s dam is the opposite; so she’s very strong everywhere except NLB, where she’ll trend away from triplets and may sometimes single.

Photo from October 2021.   EBVs from 2021 EPWWT data and includes the new Genomics run calculations (though this ewe isn’t genotyped herself). NSIP is currently not reporting the USA HAIR index, until it can be updated with the new Genomics calculations.. This ewelamb  is register-able, weaned and ready to go to a new home today! She will be exposed to a ram starting 11/6/21.

0.523 1.922 2.956 3% 14% 0.288 1.404 124.54
KMC 21004
Single birth
DOB: 4/04/21
QR or RR at codon 171 (by parentage)
USD 19094 BC E 836-33 FAH12-118
BC Z 087-32
USD17008 WRI6028
KMC19106 KMC7045 KMC5071
KMC6078 JRB14007
BC C 291


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