KMC 21061

Offered for sale as a purebred Katahdin ewelamb $200

Cute white ewelamb with a couple of orange spots. Her mother is older and one side of her udder isn’t working well, so I’ve orphan-reared this girl. She is trained to the teat bucket and is completely self-sufficient. Dam is from Birch Cove (David Coplen, Missouri). Sire is a “loaner” ram from the USDA Research Station in Booneville, AR; and we are lucky to have him up in the PNW, sharing good NSIP genetics from the Midwest and South. He brings genetics from Lee Wright and Lynn Fahrmeier, as well as more Birch Cove. A complete “out of town” pedigree!  She has very balanced EBVs, good on growth, prolificacy and milk; this girl is likely to be a solid twinner that grows great lambs. 

Photo from May 2021.   EBVs from 2021 lamb crop data. Price good through mid-June when she is weaned from milk. She will need to be creep-fed on grain concentrate and/or alfalfa hay until she’s 3-4 months old and her rumen is fully matured to be only on grass or grass hay.

0.395 1.602 2.840 8% 13% 0.237 0.904 118.66 107.42
KMC 21061
Twin birth
DOB: 4/15/21
QR or RR at codon 171 (by parentage)
USD 19094 BC E 836-33 FAH12-118
BC Z 087-32
USD17008 WRI6028
BC C 291 JRB1231 GF9398
BC Z 067-13 BC X 301
BC T 14-33