KMC 21086

Offered for sale as a purebred, registered Katahdin ewe, $300

White ewe with red dots/spotting. Modest on growth and milk but very strong prolificacy, this is a maternal ewe that comes from a very strong maternal pedigree. Her sire is a USDA ram we were lucky to borrow on the west coast in 2020. Her dam was a long-lived and very productive girl at my place. Those genetics trace back to some White Post Farm (East Coast, now retired), On the Lamb Farm (Sarah Jo Gahm, Arlington) and Bert Martineau, one of the early Katahdin breeders in the state, also now retired.

Photo taken September 2023. EBVs from 2023 lamb crop WWT data.  She is NSIP genotyped. She had twins this year, a ewe and a ram. The ram lamb was behind on 60 day growth as compared to his much bigger sib, so I early-weaned him to let him catch up. This may signal that this mama has some udder damage from subclinical mastitis, so I’m discounting her knowing that she may need to be watched in subsequent years. This isn’t normally a dealbreaker for me, as I can easily orphan rear lambs and sell them early, or supplement when needed. And often these ewes do just fine in smaller flocks where the feed is really good. I’m only dropping her because her growth and milk scores are right on the edge of my keeper list, and I need to shrink my adult population a little bit.  Her lambs are weaned and she is ready to go to a new home today.

0.110 0.868 2.455 16% 22% -0.271 0.465 126.24 104.43
Triplet birth
DOB: 4/19/2021
RR at Codon 171
USD19094 BC E 836-33 FAH 12-118
BC Z 087-32
USD17008 WRI6028
KMC2011 SJG494 SWP06-213
KMC1029 BLM417