KMC 21091

Offered for sale as a purebred, register-able  Katahdin ram lamb $500, genotyped

Beefy chocolate ram with brockle face and white markings. Really strong EBVs across the board, this is the best ram born here this year, he should produce knockout grower lambs as well as strong replacement ewes with high prolificacy and milking. His dam is a mix of local genetics, she came here by way of someone getting out of Katahdins and was a lucky acquisition for me, as her EBVs have been climbing as more of her lamb crop data enters the system. This ram is both NSIP Maternal and NSIP Stud Certified.

This ram’s sire is a very strong ram from David Coplen (Birch Cove Farm, Missouri). This sire has a Texel thee generations back. David’s crossing-in benefits us with heterosis and the double-muscling gene from Texels. The tradeoff is some setback in shedding, but this is easily recovered from in subsequent generations. His sire is an upgrade, a B coat, but most of his offspring are good shedders; and this ram lamb can be fully registered. To get such strong EBVs on every measure is hard, so I’m willing to take a little back wool to get it! See the below rankings in the national percentiles: only five other rams have been born in the nation in the last six years, which are on par with, or beating this ram! 

Photo from September 2021.  EBVs from 2021 lamb crop EPWWT data and includes the new Genomics run calculations, and this ram is genotyped himself. NSIP is currently not reporting the USA HAIR index, until it can be updated with the new Genomics calculations.  This ram is weaned and ready to start breeding today!

0.3278 2.989
Top 5%
Top 10%
Top 3%
Top 2%
0.389 1.449
Top 2%
KMC 21091
Triplet birth
DOB: 4/20/21
QR  at codon 171
PP horn genes (polled)
CC susceptible OPP gene
Myostatin (double muscling) gene carrier
BC H 973 (Upgrade) BC G 933-22 (75%) BC F 985-22 (50% Texel)
BC D 341-22
BC D 337-22 FAH 12-118
BC A 146-21 (75%)
WAI1550 KRK723 SWP05-139
AV0155 (75%)