KMC 22103

Offered for sale as a purebred register-able Katahdin ram lamb, $400

Nice, solid white ram lamb. He’s got really strong EBVs across the board, this is a very good set of genetics. Dam traces back to Birch Cove Farm (David Coplen, Missouri) and Thistle Grove Farm (John Bare, DVM, Iowa). Sire is from Birch Cove, he is one of the nicest EBV rams in the country right now, with strong, proven data behind him. We are lucky to have him here on the west coast and he’s going to be an influencer for some time to come.

Photo taken June 2022. EBVs from 2022 lamb crop WWT data run. He is NSIP Stud and Maternal Certified. This guy was born a quad to a dam who has a damaged udder from past subclinical mastitis. So I orphan-reared two of her lambs to reduce her burden. This guy is now weaned and eating creep and alfalfa well. He will need some time to transition/ train to eat grass (ideally with some other sheep to model), as he’s been indoors since birth.  Note despite being an orphan-rear, he is not tame (has hasn’t been bottle/hand fed, rather has been drinking from the teat bucket since 1 day old). So there is no concern about him becoming aggressive or hard to handle as an adult. He can go to a new home any time and will be ready to breed this fall.

0.384 2.851 4.601 24% 16% 0230 1.054 128.90 103.26
Quad birth
DOB: 4/25/22
RR at Codon 171 (by parentage)
BC H 973 BC G 933 BC F 895-22
BC D 341-22
BC D 337-22 FAH 12-118
BC A 146-21
KMC18104 KMC7018 JRB14007
BC C 291 JRB1231
BC Z 067-13