KMC 23027

Offered for sale as a registerable Katahdin yearling ewe with ram lamb at side $450

Cute dilute blue/fawn ewe with a brockle face. She’s got really strong EBVs across the board. Her pedigree is mostly Birch Cove (David Coplen, Missouri) with some Lynn Fahrmeier and Carl Ginapp genetics as well. Very strong NSIP pedigree all the way back. Bring some diverse out of state genetics to your flock as well as some genetic improvement with these good EBVS.

EBVs from 2024 lamb crop birth data. Photo taken May 2023. She is NSIP Maternal and Stud Certified. She has a beefy chocolate colored ram lamb at side who can go with her, intact, as a commercial ram lamb or used as a grower. He is the result of an accidental breeding when she was with a large group of rams. I’ll DNA test this ram, and if sire is identified, his registration information can be purchased for an added fee (likely $125-175 more, depending on EBVs). I won’t know this information until likely late April, as NSIP DNA is slow.

0.734 3.500 5.090 13% 18% 0.521 1.430 133.69 104.50


KMC 23027
Triplet birth
DOB: 2/24/23
QR or RR at codon 171 (by parentage)
KMC 22035 BC H 973 BC G 933-22
BC D 337-22
KMC19041 KMC 7018
BC C 279
BC C 279 FAH12-118B WSK4298
BC Z 104-13 CMG10019
BC Y 2-33