KMC 23082

Offered for sale as a purebred, register-able Katahdin ram lamb, $375

Big bodied white ram with some black face dots. Strong growth, survival and milk scores, but more modest on prolificacy for those who don’t love triplets.  A mix of local, Birch Cove (David Coplen, Missouri), Thistle Grove Farm (John Bare, DVM Iowa), and Misty River Farm (Mary Bakko, Moses Lake, now retired) genetics. A note of caution: his birthweight score is quite high, which is a common artifact with high growth metric rams. If you are a hands-off lambing operation or you feed  your ewes really well during pregnancy, you may want to consider a ram with a lower BWT value. Note: this ram is horned, but I have him listed anyway, at a discount, because he has very strong EBVs and and make a great terminal sire. The horned/poll genes tend to only crop up in a small number of progeny, and if not preferred, those can go in the butcher channel.

Photo taken July 2023. EBVs from 2023 EPWWT data. Ram is NSIP Stud and Maternal Certified. He will be weaned mid-August and ready to start breeding right away!

0.622 3.319 4.947 9% 18% 0.467 1.977 136.26 104.74
Triplet birth
DOB: 3/3/23
QR at codon  71
CC OPP Susceptible
KMC22035 BC H 973 BC G 933
BC D 337-22
KMC19041 KMC 7018
BC C 279
KMC20111 KMC7045 KMC5071
KMC5084 JRB14007


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