KMC 23109

Offered for sale as a castrated wether Katahdin lamb/ pet $180

This funny little Quasimodo dude had a very troubled birth. I call him “Ed Grimley” (IYKYK!) He was one of a set of quads and was born really crooked! It took a week before he could even manage standing up in an laundry basket and another week before he could walk around somewhat competently. But he was a good eater from day one and has always had a cheerful demeanor, he has a very positive mindset! 😀 I worked with him a lot and braced his legs to help straighten them. He is mostly put-together now, but you can see he still has some leg bend, spinal curvature and a slight wry mouth. I don’t think this will cause him long-term trouble, but he really shouldn’t be bred, so I’ll castrate him before he leaves here. But he is just so flippin’ cute, he deserves a pet home!

He was born 3/6/23 and will need high protein creep feed through the end of June, then could wean onto grass.