KMC 23120

Offered for sale as a purebred, register-able Katahdin ram lamb, $500

Beefy red ram with white freckles. One of the top rams born here in 2023. Really powerful EBVs across the board- top 1% in the nation for milk and WWT, top 15% for PWWT, top 10% for survival, and top 2% for Index. But a little more modest on NLB, for those who don’t love a lot of multi births.

A lot of Birch Cove (David Coplen, Missouri) genetics here plus a USDA ram from the Booneville, AR research station we got to borrow in the PNW for a year. This ram will take your replacement ewes to the next level and also bring you strong butcher lambs. A note of caution: his birthweight score is quite high, which is a common artifact with high growth metric rams. If you are a hands-off lambing operation or you feed  your ewes really well during pregnancy, you may want to consider a ram with a lower BWT value; or avoid breeding him to smaller framed ewelambs.

Photo taken August 2023. EBVs from 2023 EPWWT data. Ram is NSIP Maternal and Stud Certified. He is weaned and ready to start breeding right away!

0.798 3.674 4.779 10% 20% 0.814 2.645 139.78 105.43
Single birth
DOB: 3/8/23
QR at Codon 171
OPP TC Susceptible
Myostatin (double muscling) gene carrier
KMC22035 BC H 973 BC G 933
BC D 337-22
KMC19041 KMC 7018
BC C 279
KMC21125 USD19094 BC E 836-33
KMC20098 BC H 973