KMC 5012

Offered for sale as a registered 5-year old ewe, exposed, $350

This is a very pretty, well-put-together white ewe with a really nice coat. She has a modest frame size, which I really strive for, as I don’t like handling big ewes. Her growth numbers are a little on the low side, but her prolificacy and milk are good. She will tend to raise good twins and triplets; on grass alone they may take a little longer to finish, but if supplemented with hay or creep, this ewe’s yield will be great. This ewe is out of the now-retired Misty River flock and John Bare’s Thistle Grove Farm in Iowa, both dedicated NSIP flocks.

She is a very mellow and maternal ewe. In 2019, I awoke in the morning to find her loyally laying by two stillborn lambs that she had thoroughly cleaned during the night. (I suspect they were born backwards or had some mechanical reason to be born dead, which is not her fault behaviorally or genetically). She was feeling sad (and I didn’t want to waste that milk supply!), so I grafted two orphan lambs onto her. She took them graciously and even seemed appreciative to me for giving her some babies! 🙂 Her lambing record starting as a 2-year-old: 2/2, 3/3, 2/0 (+2 grafted).

EBVs from the 2019 lamb crop PWWT data. Photo taken November 2019. This ewe has been exposed to KMC 7045 and is due to lamb in April.

-0.052 -0.535 -1.783 18% 2% -0.109 0.233 93.90 100.41


Twin birth
DOB: 3/29/15
RR at codon 171 (by parentage)
JRB14007 MOF1107 WJF0905
JRB1232 GF9329
MRL295 KRK2123RR KRK0845
MRL231 KRK921