KMC 7071

Offered for sale as a pet wether $150  “Pig Pen”

This “Pig Pen”, a super cute little guy who just doesn’t want to grow into a big butcher lamb. He may have a pituitary gland problem or other genetic defect which is limiting his poundage and sexual maturation. He is healthy and robust, just diminutive, about half the size he should be at this age. He’s been in the barn a lot, so he’s pretty friendly and acclimated to people. He weighs about 35 lbs, (not much bigger than a Beagle!) so isn’t anywhere near a good butcher weight. This guy is looking for a pet home. He will be castrated before he leaves here, and is being sold as an unregistered, purebred Katahdin wether.

Photo taken early September. He is weaned and can go to a  new home today.