Offered for sale as a registered ewe $275. With two registered ewelambs at side before July 4th: $775.

This is a chocolate ewe with white spotted legs, a white “krunet” head marking and various other white spots. She is a very faithful mother and delivers lambs freely. She has modest growth scores and a low milk score, but very high prolificacy. This boosts her index score: she comes from a family that has a lot of multiple births that survive and thrive, which is considered the key factor in profitability. The one year she had triplets, she was raising all three fine, but one died of e. coli infection, which is just environmental and bad luck, not the fault of the ewe. Her sire comes from White Post Farm stock on the East Coast, a producer who retired, so this is the legacy of his breeding program. Her maternal grandfather is from old Bert Martineau stock in SW WA, also no longer available. Her maternal granddam was 1/4 Dorper, so she’s got some hybrid vigor in the pedigree. This is an “old stock” pedigree which avoids some of the problematic “frequently used sires” in the region that have created genetic bottlenecks for everyone. I’m selling her because I’m always working on increasing my maternal milk scores, and she is low here. But she is a good mother who can raise triplets, they’ll just grow slower on grass. If she is fed a richer diet (alfalfa and/or grain), and/or the lambs are creep-fed, they will perform as well as others, and you’re likely to get higher yields out of her because of those strong prolificacy scores.

Her twin ewelambs (7025 and 7026), pictured with her below, are both dark chocolate. They are sired by Rugby. He has very high growth and milk scores, but is more modest on prolificacy, so this is a nice pairing where the hope is that the lambs will combine the best of both parents and offer generational improvement.

Lambing history starting as a yearling: 1/1, 2/2, 3/2, 2/2, 2/2. EBVs from 2017 lamb crop birth data. Photos taken in April with this year’s twin ewelambs.

-0.03 0.38 0.14 14.1% 13.1% -0.610 -1.633 106.93 101.28
DOB: 4/1/12
QR or RR
SJG494 SWP06-214 “CORNERSTONE” SWP05-137
SJG78 (100%) PAS28L
SJG60 (75%)
KMC0906 (100%) BLM417 BRM1AA
HHS107 (75%) GJ080
HHS014 (50%)