KMC 21075

Offered for sale as a purebred, record-able  Katahdin ram lamb $500

Classic white ram. Dam traces back to Thistle Grove Farm (Dr. John Bare, DVM, Iowa), Misty Oaks Farm (Kathy Bielek, OH), Aspen Mountain Farm (Aileen Scott, MT) and some local On The Lamb Farm (Sara-Joh Gahm, Arlington, WA). Sire is a very framey and strong NSIP ram from Birch Cove Farm (David Coplen, MO). This guy is very strong across the board, on growth, prolificacy and milk; he’ll throw great butcher lambs and strong replacement ewes.  Note his sire is 87.5% recorded (due to tracing back to a Texel cross 4 generations ago) and I have not yet upgraded him because he didn’t shed adequately as a yearling. He may shed this year, thus freeing his offspring up to be 100% registered automatically. But if not, this ram lamb will need a hair coat inspection next year (which I can do, I’m a certified inspector) to be fully upgraded. Until then, he is record-able.

Photo from June 2021.   EBVs from 2021 WWT data. This ram is register-able and will be weaned in late August and ready to breed this fall.

0.291 2.558 3.993 10% 12% 0.065 0.739 124.39 106.79
KMC 21075
Twin birth
DOB: 4/17/21
QR or RR at codon 171 (by parentage)
BC H 973 (87.5%) BC G 933-22 (75%) BC F 895-22 (50%)
BC D 341-22
BC D 337-22 FAH 12-118
BCA 146-21 (75%)
KMC7100 JRB 14007 MOF 1107
KMC3055 SJG484


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