Ladybug Invasion

ladybugsLast winter, the ladybugs decided that our house is a very nice winter vacation spot. I’m not sure how they select such sites, since this house is new to the area, it’s not like they’ve been doing it for ages. They’ve returned en force this year. They get in, definitely. And they don’t┬átotally hibernate, they move about the house all winter, albeit lazily. So, they’re kind of everywhere: on my toothbrush, in my coffee, on my clothes. Sometimes one will fall off me at work!

But, I guess there are worse things that could infest a┬áhouse. They’re not dirty, destructive, or┬áharmful. And they are pretty. Ladybugs are sought-after pest preventatives, as they eat aphids and other things. Some people buy them for their yards and gardens. Imagine! Maybe I can start packaging them in my household and sell them to somebody else’s household!

I find it interesting how unique each one is. They are all a different shade of red or orange, and all have a unique number and positioning of their spots. For now, I’m not terribly annoyed with them, I feel we can co-exist in the house during the winter, since they do benevolent work during the summer. This photo is a grouping of them I found clustered on the side of the house,┬áunder the crawlspace cover.

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