Lamb “Superman” Capes

lambcoatI love the Premier Supply online catalog, they have so many sensible products for farmers. These little fleece lamb coats are inexpensive and a great design for warming weak lambs. They have neck and leg holes and are quick to put on.

This little Jacob girl has been wearing hers since she was born last week, she was¬†so small and unthrifty, I thought she could use some help. And it snowed during the week too, so I feel it really helped her focus her energy on gaining weight rather than keeping warm. I’ll probably remove it today, now that she’s caught up physically¬†and it’s warmer out.

The fleece¬†keeps its insulating power¬†even when wet, and they wash and dry normally in the laundry. I plan to buy more next time I order, because it’s nice to be able to rotate a lot of them through the laundry. I think these blue ones look like Superman colors!

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