Lambing Has Begun!

sheepuptopAfter last Thursday’s flood, our sheep are still “up top” in their little pen near the silo. They are getting tired of being up there, I’m sure. The timing was right to start graining the ewes, who are all getting big, so at least they have had something good happen in their little pen. When we’re home, we let them loose back there to graze.

I was planning on putting them back down in the pasture today, but #10 lambed this morning. Without the llama back yet, and knowing it’ll be hard to walk her and her lamb all the way down to the pasture, I think I’ll wait until Sunday to move them. I may keep her and #33 up top a while longer, as #33 looks like a hippopotamus, I think she is due anytime now too.

10andramlambI went out to feed the sheep at 6am this morning, and this ram lamb was dry and up running around. I found a second lamb dead, she never got the sack off of him, so he likely suffocated. She is a yearling ewe, this is her first lambing, so we can forgive her mistake. Hopefully she’ll do better next year. She seems to be caring for the live lamb well, I checked both her teats, and they are working  just fine. We saw him nurse twice today, and they seem well bonded.

The dead lamb was solid brown, also a ram. Here he is in the kitchen sink, where I checked for signs of life. He was stone-cold though, so she must have lambed hours earlier, there was no way I would have caught this in time. Tonight I butchered him up and gave half of him to the dogs, the rest of him will be their breakfast tomorrow. I hate to waste! They thought he was delicious. Such is the cycle of life…


9 thoughts on “Lambing Has Begun!

  1. Linda Wendt says:

    My neighbor shared your site with me during the flood – it’s wonderful. I live on the hill; a neighbor of Dee and your folks.

    Your farm information, and the other blog sites, have given me a lot of useful insight that applies to my ducks, Georgie and Lucia.

    Thanks. By the way, if you need a small paddock in which to work Dolly occasionally, let me know. Your dad has my phone number.

    Best regards,

    • workingcollies says:

      Hey Linda, thanks for stopping by. I think I have met you before a long time ago, you have the horses at the “T”, right? Thanks for the offer to work Dolly in your paddock! I have been doing some reading, and have some ideas of things to do to handle her more effectively.

  2. Linda Wendt says:

    My neighbor shared your site with me during the flood – enjoy it.

    If you need a small paddock to work Dolly occasionally, let me know. Your dad has my phone number.

    • workingcollies says:

      Oh, I bet Mr. Yearling Eagle wishes he got that lamb! 🙂 But no, it was the coyotes, they got an adult ewe actually. The eagle has only been snacking on what they left behind, which isn’t much! The lamb is doing fine so far- he can run fast!

  3. Linda Wendt says:

    Yep, I live at the “T”. I’m looking forward to reading how you and Dolly progress! You two can still use the paddock if you wish.
    The yearling was quite patient. Darned coyotes.


    p.s. Sorry I flubbed up and sent 4(!) messages.

  4. workingcollies says:

    Yeah, coyotes are tough, but I guess they want to eat dinner too– I just have to learn how to not serve it up on a platter for them! 🙂 No problem on the 4 messages- it’s confusing when they are moderated, but now that you are approved once, you can comment away with no moderation!

  5. Linda Wendt says:

    It’s finding that “middle ground” for working with and around those pesky critters that’s hard. Well, looking forward to the postings. Your site is terrific.

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