Last Weekend’s Progress

Last weekend did prove fruitful for me, despite taking the break to host a family gathering, and all of us staying up late Saturday night around the campfire. Here’s the picnic table chore done:

 picnic table

I had some struggles with the Millstead kit missing some of the lumber, went back to Home Depot to get replacements, only to find the next kit we opened was also defective. So, they gave me a 2×2 and I cut my own mitered angles at home, which was annoying, since the whole point of a kit is to not have the hassle of getting out your saw and measuring things! Oh well, it still went together quickly enough to be ready for use the same day, I’m sure much more quickly than if I had built it from scratch, judging by how long the duck tractor took me. Kirk did the sanding and finishing, it turned out nice! We are enjoying eating on it in the nice weather we’ve been having.

I also got a whole line of fence posts done over the weekend, and finished up the H-braces during the week. So, that side of fence is ready to stretch-that’s Saturday’s task.

The baby ducks are growing, they are almost 4 weeks old. They have very “tweenie” feathers, and their markings continue to hold my interest, wondering how they’ll turn out! This isn’t a very good picture, it was getting dark when I took it…

Baby ducks 4 weeks old

3 thoughts on “Last Weekend’s Progress

  1. Wardeh says:

    Great job on the table! Do you want to make us one? 😀 The ducks are so cute, even if the picture is dark. Are you raising them for eggs, meat or just to have around? Love, Wardeh

  2. Wardeh says:

    Oh, I see from the earlier post that you’re raising them to provide eggs for the dogs, is that right? And also, to eat slugs. That is brilliant! Love, Wardeh

  3. workingcollies says:

    Yes, and maybe someday eating too– but I figure I have to get enough of them not “know” each one before I could convince myself to butcher! I helped a friend do it a while back to help acclimate myself to doing it, but it’s a hurdle to overcome, for sure!
    Love, Michelle

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