Snow Geese And Snow

snowgeese1We live on a major migratory path for birds, so we get to enjoy a lot of them during the fall and winter. Lately there have been hundreds of Trumpeter Swans and Snow Geese coming through. They are noisy- day and night- but I enjoy the sound.

Last week in the snow, we encountered this bunch of snow geese in the pasture. My Border Collie Gene spotted them first, and started to walk up on them slowly, like a good working dog.

I lied her down so I could snap pictures of them on the grond, and then when I was ready, I asked her to walk up on them so they would flush, and got a few nice snapshots of them in flight. They are sure beautiful!

The snow was such an ordeal these last few weeks, our region is just not well-equipped to manage in this kind of weather. But it was so pretty, it’s worth the hassle, at least for a little while! Our animals are glad for the melt, however, I think the sheep really prefer fresh grass to hay. Kirk said today the llama was rolling gleefully on her back in the grass today, she seemed so happy to have it back!


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