Can I come visit to learn about sheep ownership?

Sure.  But I ask that you do some research first and limit your information-gathering visit to under an hour.  We are very busy on the farm, and there is so much to learn about sheep, it can’t all be imparted in a visit. I recommend reading at least one book on sheep husbandry before embarking on a sheep ownership journey.  Storey’s Guide to Raising Sheep by Paula Simmons and Carol Ekarius is a good one to start with.  On one hand, sheep are easy livestock to raise and work with. On the other hand, beginners can have a lot go terribly wrong if they don’t do enough research up-front. An  hour visit will not prepare you for all you need to know.  Buying sheep first, and planning on learning about them later tends to backfire on a lot of people.  Before buying your first sheep, be prepared with a plan for protecting them from coyotes and loose dogs, for knowing how much they need to eat and how you will purchase, haul and store feed; how you will catch and handle your sheep for routine chores,  what your vaccination and de-worming protocols will be, how you will manage your pastures, and how you will handle veterinary emergencies. Also research a budget for not only purchasing the sheep, but their year-round care and feeding, and what income you expect to make off the sheep, if any.