Is your breeding stock registered?

Yes, my whole flock is made up of registered purebreds. I have a very small number of ewes which were “upgrades”, meaning they had some non-registered stock in their pedigrees, but have since reached the required threshold of 87.5% purebred and have been hair-coat inspected in order to be eligible for upgrade. I also sometimes use rams which are upgrades, products of careful outcrossing programs to breeds like Texels which not only bring us heavier muscling, but hybrid vigor.

Unless otherwise noted, if you want to register your purchases, just let me know and I’ll prepare the paperwork for you, and you can submit it to the registry at your cost. Since the registry has increased prices in recent years, I have stopped including registration/transfer in the price, since most of my customers don’t value this and don’t want to pay extra for it.

Occasionally, I sell unregistered, “commercial” stock at a lower price point. Sometimes these are accidental breedings; where the lambs are purebred, but I don’t know who the sire is (so, at best, those could be recorded as 50%). Other times, maybe it was a bummer lamb, grower lamb, or I was unsure of the quality at the time of sale, so I discounted the price, specifying that it would be commercial/unregistered. If you buy one of these, and down the road change your mind and wish to register it, I can support that if we mutually agree the animal is now worthy of registration. But I charge more for this, because now we are bringing the animal up to a different value than when it was sold, and I have the overhead of going back through my records to recover the registration information for submission. You’ll be able to tell by the website ad and what’s on your receipt, whether you had paid for a commercial/grower animal or a normally register-able animal.