What is the minimum flock size I should start with?

Many folks want to just get started with one or two sheep. Keep in mind that sheep for herd animals, however. They feel safe and comforted when in a group. One or two sheep by themselves will be constantly anxious and feeling exposed, putting them in a state of continual stress. A ewe with lambs at side will not be comforted by the company of her lambs, but rather, the need to protect them will make her feel even more anxious.

Thus, it’s ideal to start with a flock of at least three to five adult sheep together. Fewer sheep can do OK if they are joining a group of other herd animals- goats, horses, llamas, cows etc. It works best if the new hybrid herd can be kept in closer quarters at first, where the sheep are able to “join up” with the existing herd. In a large pasture, the resident herd may shun the new sheep, leaving them feeling vulnerable.