Wardeh’s “Use Less Plastic” Challenge

One of my favorite bloggers, Wardeh Harmon, has issued us a challenge: use less plastic. Check out her blog post to read all of her great reasons why. I don’t like plastic either: I worry about it leaching into my food, I don’t like that it increases demand for fossil fuels, or that even recycling it uses a lot of energy. It’s an amazing invention, and it has its place, for sure. But, it just doesn’t have a great score in the “carbon footprint” scale. So I have been trying to say “no” to it more, too.

And, I’m starting to reflect that many “old school” materials are just a lot more appealing: wood, glass, ceramic, brick, basket materials, cotton, hemp, wool, metal, stone- they look more pleasing, and feel nicer. I am trying to erradicate plastic in lots of places, especially from the yard, animal equipment, and food storage containers.

How can you give plastic the boot in your life? Take the challenge!

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