#33’s The Champ!

#33's spotted ewe lamb

#33 had triplets today, all ewes- nice! They were on the ground when I got home from work. All look strong and healthy, and are nursing. I’m going to let her try to raise them all, her bag is so big, and she’s in pretty good condition, I think she can do it.

#33's brown ewe lamb
#33's brown ewe lamb

#33 was worrying me a bit in the last day or so, as she looked like she might prolapse. But, she didn’t, thankfully. Her lambs are white, brown and a spotted one, one six and the other two seven pounders.

#33's white ewe lamb
#33's white ewe lamb

A few hours later, #107 had twins, a ewe and a ram, both nine pounders. I don’t have photos of those yet, it was after dark. The first one I pulled, holy cow, the ewe seemed to have trouble pushing that one. The lamb’s tongue was sticking out in the fashion of a badly formed or dead animal during the labor process, so I was relieved to see she was normal once out! The second one was a breeched presentation, but he came out easily enough. He seemed to have more trouble breathing and coming around,  I wonder if his bag and umbilical cord broke early, and he was without oxygen for a bit?

Big Boy Lamb
Mondo Lamb

On Monday, #802 had one mondo-sized singleton ram lamb,  10.5 pounds, a brown one. He was so fully formed, he was literally galloping about minutes after being born, with the mother desperately trying to keep up with him!

New waistline

And lastly, here is #33’s waistline, postpartum. I bet she is glad to have those things outta there!

We  have one ewe left to lamb, I can’t wait for it to be done!

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