A Little Play, a Little Work

We went out to breakfast today, took in an antique car show in town, then worked on Kirk’s house some more. I cleaned out most of the kitchen cabinets, the microwave and the stove top. Kirk reseeded the grass, and packed up some things.

Later at home, I put metal roofing on top of the sheep shelter in the field (pic coming soon) and then we tackled trying to fix the pocket doors in the living room. We’d really like to get these working, so we can shut the dogs out of the room with the future-nice-furniture! The pocket doors are beautiful, but unfortunately, one has lost one of its sets of rollers so does not travel well on the track. We took a lot of molding off, and got it half re-attached once, but it later got stuck and came off again. We are  having trouble understanding exactly how it goes together and works, it’s too hard to see in there. I think we may need to remove  yet more molding and find a way to take the entire door out, so we can see what we’re doing in re-attaching the roller. I would have thought I’d find some great blog or website somewhere with detailed advice on this subject, but the Web hasn’t helped me today!

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