BC H 974 “Chong”

Reference Ram 

I purchased “Cheech” and “Chong” from David Coplen (Birch Cove Farm in Missouri) in spring of 2019. I had the rams shipped via air cargo, which was an expensive, but fast and low-stress process. I really like using David’s genetics because he has been in NSIP a long time; and runs a grass-fed operation with very low inputs, so his animals pass on a lot of vigor, hardiness and good maternal instincts. Plus, he is well-connected to the Midwest Katahdin genetics, which helps us with “connectedness” in NSIP (we have been a bit of an island out in the PNW and are trying to improve that).

David has been bringing in some Texel genetics, then upgrading back to purebred Katahdin. These rams are a product of that venture. The positives are that we can benefit from some heterosis (hybrid vigor) and also the myostatin or “double muscling” gene that’s common in Texels (that’s what gives Texels that “pig ham” back end). The drawbacks are some setbacks in hair coats; but this is minor considering the bigger strides we’ll make in meat production. Chong is a B coat thus far, as he retained some unshed wool on his backline as a yearling. He otherwise has a really coarse hair coat, and I expect he may shed fully in his second year. His sire was an upgrade, so Chong is fully registered, as can be all of his offspring.

Chong has good EBVs across the board, including Fecal Egg count (FEC) EBVs, which are not shown below. He is a substantial ram, both muscled and tall. He is a solid dark chocolate coloration. His temperament is calm and reserved. You can review his current EBVs on NSIP’s searchable database here. Photo taken November 2020. EBVs from 2020 lamb crop PWWT data.

0.161 1.466 3.343 10% 14% -.104 0.058 120.85 105.98
BC H 974 “Chong” 
Single birth
DOB: 1/27/19
RR at codon 171
BC E 856-32  FAH 15-007 NWT 489
FAH 13-044
BC W 74-22 (75%) CK 02-208
TCF 97012 (50%)
BC Z 095-13 BC Z X301 CMG 7029
BC S 163
CMG 10005 TMD 8-106
CMG 182