KMC 24004

Offered for sale as a commercial Katahdin ewelamb $250

Cute chonky ewe, white with brown and black spots, born in January. She was the result of an accidental breeding last August, so I don’t know who her sire is. She’s had some familial prolapsing in her pedigree, enough that I think there is risk that it may repeat with her, so am selling her as a commercial/ pet. She can certainly be bred and will probably be a good dam, and prolapse is only lowly heritable, so it may never crop up for her. But if it does, then it would be recommended to send her and her daughters into the meat channel. Otherwise she could make a lovely pet and pasture ornament, or companion for horses. She could also be grown out as a slaughter animal, and depending on how fed, could be ready for butcher in October or so.

KMC 18104

Offered for sale as a pet Katahdin ewe with two ewelambs at side $875 w/ twin lambs at side

Red baldface ewe with white hind socks. Strong growth and prolificacy  EBVs but more modest on survival and milk. Pedigree has Birch Cove (David Coplen, Missouri), Thistle Grove Farm (John Bare, DVM, Iowa), Misty Oaks Farm (Kathy Bielek, OH) and some local genetics. This mama is super gentle and maternal. She’s very prolific, has had quadruplets twice. But she needs a lot of care in late pregnancy, as she’s one of those ewes that gets such a huge udder it nearly drags on the ground and her lambs need help learning to use it until they can drain it down. She has also been prolapse-ey in late pregnancy when she has these huge sets. If she can be in a barn with careful oversight, she raises really good lambs; otherwise she’d make a lovely gentle pet. I’m pricing her on the pet/ cull end because of this overhead cost. Lambing record starting as a 2-year old: 2/2, 1/1, 4/2, 2/1, 4/2.

Photo taken May 2023. EBVs from 2023 lamb crop WWT data.  She is NSIP genotyped. She can go with two ewelambs at side, one fawn colored one that looks like her and one white one. I orphan-reared two of her other ewelambs from her 2024 quad set. Price for the set good through 6/30. Lambs will be weaned and the can go separately in August.

0.406 3.054 5.127 35% 11% -0.117 0.302 123.09 101.48
Twin birth
DOB: 4/18/2018
RR at Codon 171
KMC7018 JRB14007 MOF1107
KMC3044 SJG494
BC C 291 JRB1231 GF9398
BC Z 067-13 BC X 301
BC T 14-33