Sheep For Sale

We’re gearing up our list of breeding stock that will be for sale this year. Below are a few early-birds which are already available, or will be available soon. We have some yearling ewes and mature adults that will be available in April or later, after we get out of the mud season and finish with lambing. Check back soon to find breeding stock listings; or shoot us an email if you’re looking for something specific!

Click on any of the thumbnail or “read more” links below to see a larger photo, and read a description, see EBVs and the pedigree for each animal.

Ewes for Sale

KMC 6067
Offered for sale as a registered yearling ewe, bred $475 A dark mahogany colored ewe with a white krunet, tail and
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KMC 7004
Offered for sale as a registered ewe $300 This is a very flashy marked chocolate roan/panda face ewelamb.  I can
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WRN 010
Offered for sale as a registered ewe, bred $375 This ewe has gorgeous, mahogany pinto coloration, which is unusual in
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Rams for Sale

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