KMC 20133

Offered for sale as a purebred record-able Katahdin ram $450

Fawn ram with a clean shedding hair coat. Really nice EBVs across the board, good growth, very high prolificacy, survival and milk. This ram will produce both good replacement ewes and fast-growing butcher lambs.

He is out of my newly-purchased white ram from Birch Cove Farm in Missouri (David Coplen); which is a grass-based, minimal input system with a long history of NSIP data. Note that ram has some Texel in his background, and is an 87.5% recorded ram. He has not shed adequately this year, so I will not be upgrading him (yet). Thus his lambs will also be record-able and eligible for upgrade upon hair coat inspection (which I can do) next summer. This lamb’s already shed as a lamb, so I have no question he will shed again next spring and can be upgraded. For me, this ram’s productivity scores outweigh the shedding drawback in the pedigree, but I have discounted his lambs accordingly. On the maternal side, this lamb captures some really nice genetics from Thistle Grove Farm (John Bare, DVM, Iowa) which is another grass-based flock that’s long been active in NSIP; and also Misty River Farm (Mary Bakko, Moses Lake, now retired).

Photo taken November 2020.  EBVs from 2020 lamb crop PWWT data. This ram is ready to go to a new home and start breeding ewes right away.

0.567 2.742 3.604 18% 13% 0.108 0.936 125.20 107.21
KMC 20133
Twin birth
DOB: 4/23/20
QR or RR at codon 171 (by parentage)
BC H 973 (87.5%) BC G 933-22 (75%) BC F 985-22 (50%) (half Texel)
BC D 341-22
BC D 337-22 (87.5%) FAH12-118
BC A 146-21 (75%) (quarter Texel)
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