KMC 21107

Offered for sale as a purebred, register-able  Katahdin ram lamb $425

Really nice-sized red roan ram lamb. Really nice EBVs across the board.  He should throw really strong growing butcher lambs as well as keeper replacement ewes. He is NSIP Stud Certified.

This ram’s sire is a very strong ram from David Coplen (Birch Cove Farm, Missouri). This sire has a Texel thee generations back. David’s crossing-in benefits us with heterosis and the double-muscling gene from Texels. The tradeoff is some setback in shedding, but this is easily recovered from in subsequent generations.  His sire is an upgrade, a B coat, but most of his offspring are good shedders; and this ram lamb can be fully registered.  His maternal grandsire is from Thistle Grove Farm (Dr. John Bare, DVM in Iowa), a dedicated grass-fed NSIP flock.

Photo from July 2021 with his sibling and dam (this ram is red-marked one on the right, his sib is the white one on the left).  It’s interesting to note these rams have a really high maternal weaning weight score (MWWT or maternal milk) and look how close they stay to their dam, even at 90 days of age! There is a correlation there, for sure; dams that keep their lambs close feed them more and they gain more weight, and all of this maternal and bonding behavior is genetic. EBVs from 2021 lamb crop EPWWT data and includes the new Genomics run calculations (though this ram isn’t genotyped himself). NSIP is currently not reporting the USA HAIR index, until it can be updated with the new Genomics calculations.  This  ram is weaned and ready to start breeding today!

0.344 2.794 4.093 11% 12% 0.495 1.747 129.29
KMC 21107
Twin birth
DOB: 4/21/21
Unknown DNA at codon 171 (both parents are QR)
BC H 973 (87.5% Recorded) BC G 933-22 (75%) BC F 985-22 (50% Texel)
BC D 341-22
BC D 337-22 FAH 12-118
BC A 146-21 (75%)
KMC5084 JRB14007 MOF1107
KMC2006 KMC1016


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