KMC 21122

Offered for sale as a purebred  Katahdin ram lamb $450

Dark chocolate ram with a white krunet marking. Dam is a 2020 yearling out of a fast growth ewe line, and a Birch Cove ram that’s very tall and framey. This dude was born a month after the rest of my lambs, but is keeping pace on weight and sporting a huge milk goiter, so his mama’s milk must be pretty good. We in the PNW have been lucky to borrow a ram from the USDA Research Station in Booneville, AR; Dr. Joan Burke is lending him to our region so that we can get better linkage to the “cluster” of flocks in the Midwest/South. He’s been on a tour through Idaho and Oregon, and made a stop here last winter to be used in my flock, and he’s headed East now. Take advantage of some great out-of-state genetics! This ram has good growth, very strong milk and survival, and modest prolificacy. Perfect for those flocks that don’t love triplets but want vigorous, good-growing lambs.

Photo from June 2021 with his dam.   EBVs from 2021 WWT data. This ram is register-able and will be weaned in September and ready to breed this fall.

0.478 1.632 2.959 6% 14% 0.238 0.663 120.37 107.35
KMC 21122
Single birth
DOB: 5/9/21
QR or RR at codon 171 (by parentage)
USD 19094 BC E 836-33 FAH12-118
BC Z 087-32
USD17008 WRI6028
KMC20122 BC H 974 BC E 856-32
BC Z 095-13
KMC5095 WRN006