KMC 23015

Offered for sale as a registerable Katahdin ewelamb $755 w/ twin lambs at side

Big-bodied chocolate ewelamb with a brockle face. Strong on growth, survival and milk and moderate on prolificacy, for those who like to avoid triplets. Her pedigree is a blend of my own genetics, plus Birch Cove (David Coplen, Missouri), Misty River Farm (Mary Bakko, Moses Lake, now retired) and Thistle Grove Farm (John Bare DVM, Iowa).

EBVs from the 2023 lamb crop EPWWT data. Photo taken May 2023 as a lamb (will work to get an updated photo!). She is NSIP Maternal and Stud Certified. She has twin lambs at side, both white, a ewe and a ram lamb. She was bred later during the cleanup period, so the lambs could have been sired by a few different candidates. Price reflects the ewelamb being 50% recorded and the ram sold wethered as a grower; as a group by 6/30. For extra charge I can DNA test the lambs and also sell the ram as register-able. Prices will go up in July and lambs will be weaned in August and they can be sold separtely.

0.625 2.532 3.318 3% 17% 0.298 1.129 126.24 104.48


KMC 23015
Twin birth
DOB: 2/21/23
QR or RR at codon 171 (by parentage)
KMC 22035 BC H 973 BC G 933-22
BC D 337-22
KMC19041 KMC 7018
BC C 279
KMC19055 KMC7045 KMC5071
KMC5096 KMC2022