KMC 23144

Offered for sale as a castrated wether Katahdin lamb/ pet $180

This is a very pretty red ram with long white socks and a big white blaze. He’s got a mild parrot mouth, which I only see rarely, but is not great for a breeder, because more extreme versions of this can render lambs that can’t graze well and thus don’t grow well. So I’m selling him as a pet and will wether him before he leaves. He was born 4/2/23. His dam was ill when she lambed and didn’t have a great milk supply, so I raised this guy half as an orphan on the teat bucket and half eventually grafted onto another ewe. He is eating creep/alfalfa well and can go to a new home any time; and should stay on creep through the end of July. Photo taken in May, he is already shedding his soft lamb coat (rubbed off from the creep gate!) so should be a very slick shedder/ AA coat. Price good through end of June and will rise as he gets bigger and I have more feed into him.