KMC 4033

Offered for sale as a registered  ewe, $675 with twin ewelambs at side before Sept 1st 

A very flashy-marked, mellow, well-fleshed ewe with two striking pinto ewelambs at side (lambs born June, 2018).  She is a very clean shedder, she’s just not done yet! 🙂 The sire of her lambs is KMC7114, who is out of a Missouri ewe and an Iowa ram, so they bring in fresh genetics to the PNW. This ewe broke her front leg in the Sydell system last November, but we were able to splint it and it has healed nicely. She favored it a bit when she was heavy in late pregnancy, but she is walking confidently on it now that she’s had her lambs.  I have been feeding her very carefully in the barn during the healing and pregnancy, to make sure she has had the nutrition she needed to mend the break, and also to make sure she didn’t stress the leg too much. She’s ready to go onto light pasture duty, but could probably use several more months to build up strength for walking long distances to graze. I am offering her at a discount because she needs extra monitoring; but she and her daughters will be a good set of genetics for someone who likes color, good maternal instincts, and growthy lambs.  She is lower in prolificacy, but will likely twin for several more years now that she’s in her most productive years.

Photo taken June 2018. EBVs from 2018 lamb crop WWT data. Lambing records starting as a yearling: 1/1, 0/0, 1/1, 2/2
Package deal! Her lambs will go with her, registered, at the above price before Sept 1st. After that, they will be weaned and sold separately for a higher price.

0.451 1.724 2.547 1% -7% 0.308 0.943 102.39 99.85
Single born
DOB: 4/3/14
QR or RR at codon 171
WRN006 KRK0168 KRK905
BME006 KRK857
KMC3004 KMC0024 BLM417
KMC1029 BLM417

Pedigree of twin ewe lambs at side (EBVs pending). Their paternal grandsire is from John Bare’s Thistle Grove Farm in Iowa. Their paternal granddam is from David Coplen’s Birch Cove form in Missouri. I chose those genetics because they focused on grass-fed, low-input systems and data-driven selection. John’s and David’s sheep have performed very well in my environment.

KMC18161 & 18162
Twin born
DOB: 6/18/18
QR or RR at codon 171
KMC7114 JRB14007 MOF1107
BC C 298 CMG10019
BC T 14-33
KMC4033 WRN006 KRK0168
KMC3004 KMC0024