KMC 6070

Offered for sale as a registered Katahdin ewe $275

Stocky white seven year old ewe. She has a very calm and kindly temperament. Strong growth and milk, with lower prolificacy in her EBVs; so she may steer away from triplets, though you can see she had them once.  She is a calm and dedicated mother. This pedigree captures Thistle Grove farm (John Bare, DVM in Iowa), Carl Ginapp’s genetics (Iowa, now retired), Lynn Fahrmeier (Missouri), Birch Cove Farm (David Coplen, Missouri), Dosch Katahdins ( South Dakota, now retired) and some local genetics. A good chance to capture so-of-town genetics from long-time NSIP producers. Lambing record starting as a 2-year-old: 3/3, 2/1, 2/2, 1/1, 1/1, 2/1

Photo taken May 2023. EBVs from 2022 lamb crop EPWWT data. This ewe is NSIP genotyped. She had twins this year, but one was stillborn. The other had trouble after birth and I ended up having them in the barn for a long time to help him along. He initially didn’t grow well, so I suspected her milk supply; but her bag felt full, supple and healthy, so I don’t know what went wrong. He eventually rallied and looks great at two months old, eating creep feed. I’m listing her at pet price in case her milk production is on the decline. She may be perfectly fine to breed again, but since she’s getting older, just be ready to bottle feed or supplement if needed. Her lamb is weaned and she’s ready to go to a new home today.

0.514 2.120 3.119 -8% 2% -0.034 0.989 113.68 101.38
KMC 6070
Twin birth
DOB: 4/11/16
RR at Codon 171
TC OPP Susceptible
KMC5071 KMC2022 KMC0024
BC C 291 JRB1231
BC Z 067-13
BC C 298 CMG10019 TMD8-106
BC T 14-33 FAH06037