KMC 7120

Offered for sale as a registered  ewe $525 with registered ewelamb at side

Smaller-framed, fawn baldfaced ewe. Good growth and milk (sometimes petite ewes make good milk!), but low on prolificacy, so she will likely hover between twinning and singles most years. Her sire has a high NLB (15%), but her dam is lower (-2.9%) and since this ewe singled as a 2-year-old, her score reflects that. But she did lamb as a yearling, which not all my yearlings do, so that is a plus for her prolificacy as well.

She has, at side, a chocolate ewelamb sired by KMC7045 (who has very high NLB at 21.9%). These pedigrees weave together not only old PNW genetics, but a lot of out-of-state genetics from Missouri, Ohio, and Iowa; and the ewelamb has now-retired Misty River Farm in her sire’s background. It’s a great combo for a starter flock, to begin with such diversity. This ewe should be an easy lamber going forward and has lots of years of productivity ahead of her.

Photo taken May 2019.  EBVs from 2019 lamb crop WWT data. Will go with her registered ewelamb at side as a pair if picked up before the end of August. After that, she can go solo when I wean her lamb for $275. Lambing record starting as a yearling: 1/1, 1/1.

0.273 1.288 2.197 1% 0% 0.204 0.650 105.22 101.87
Single birth
DOB: 5/22/17
QR or RR at codon 171
JRB14007  MOF1107 WJF0905
JRB1232 GF9329
KMC6067 KMC5071 KMC2022
BC C291
KMC1033 BLM417

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