KMC5088 “Rugby”

Reference: Herd Sire

Rugby is a very strong scoring growth ram, one of the top in the nation. What I love about him is that Holy Grail I’m seeking: fast growth to butcher weight, but then slowing down into maturity, so he did not turn out to be a huge adult. He is very calm and handle-able, he’s put together well and has that flashy coloration so many people value. As is often the case when an animal is very high in one score, he’s low in another: in lamb survival. This data comes from limited data on his daughters, but also on data from other animals in his pedigree. His paternal grandsire is actually the weak link in the pedigree that’s dragging scores down for the whole family, with a minus 8.0% for NLW. The accuracy figures for these two EBVs is still low (39% and 40%) because he doesn’t have a lot of daughters yet producing in the system, so the score is mostly coming from the pedigree. So, I’m going to run him for a few years and see where this goes, pairing him with high prolificacy ewes to see if I can capture that tremendous growth in a package of multiple lambs weaned. He is out of a fantastic-scoring ewe from David Coplen’s Birch Cove farm in Missouri, a grass-fed system where heavy selection pressure is placed on easy care sheep; and from a long line of NSIP-focused breeding programs.

EBVs from up-to-date 2017 Feb lamb crop data. Pictured here breeding in his yearling year.

0.71 3.10 5.75 9.0% 2.7% 0.344 1.461 111.61 104.80
Single birth
DOB: 4/10/15
RR at Codon 171
WRN006 KRK00168 KRK905
BME006 KRK857
BC C 298 CMG10019 TMD8-106
BC T 14-33 FAH06137