KMC 7054

Offered for sale as a registered ram lamb $550

This is a flashy mahogany and white ram with long white socks, a big white blaze and white body markings. He has strong maternal traits and good growth EBVs. This is a ram with genetics geared towards producing replacement ewes in your flock, while still producing plenty of growth in butcher lambs. His scores qualify him for the NSIP Maternal Certified distinction.

His sire brings new genetics to the PNW from Iowa, where John Bare at Thistle Grove Farm concentrates on EBVs and genetics for prolificacy and growth in a grass system. His maternal side has some old-time PNW genetics that come from farms which no longer exist. Two of his maternal granddams were upgrades that brought fresh genetics into the pedigree. He avoids all of the local over-used sires that bottleneck almost every pedigree in the area. This guy can genuinely bring you some fresh blood and hybrid vigor, with solid EBVs to match.

EBVs from 2017 sixty day weight data. Photo taken early July. This ram can be weaned any time to go to a new home, and should be able to start breeding right away when ewes start cycling in early fall.

0.425 1.567 1.920 16% 15% 0.109 0.320 111.78 106.43
DOB: 4/7/16
QR or RR at codon 171 (pending test)
JRB14007 MOF1107 WJF0905
JRB1232 GF9329
KMC4007 KMC1016 BLM417
HHS107 (75%)
KMC1033 BLM417
KRK33 (84.4%)


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