Microscopic Fetching Toy


We unfortunately cannot keep dog toys lying around in the house, because Maggie will not cease hounding us to play fetch if we do, and she destroys things. So, we have a couple of special toys stored on top of the refrigerator, and Kirk will get one down every couple of days and play a good, wild game with Maggie.

But, this does not reduce Maggie’s hope that she may convince someone to play a game with her at other times. She will attempt to pick up just about any object, no matter how strange or small, and present it to whomever will notice, then back up and stare, hoping the recipient will throw it for her.

Here she has brought me a tiny sliver of wood she has procured. Repeatedly, she will place it on my knee while I’m sitting, maybe give me a nose nudge or a shove with her front feet, trying to insist that I notice it and do something with it. In this picture, she’s delighted that it worked.

She also likes us to set the object down on the floor, and engage her in the nearly unbearable suspense game of saying “ready….. set…. on your mark…. get set…. wait til I say it… don’t cheat… ok, now…. GET IT!” at which point she springs forward to grab the object, at the sound of the magic words. She will play this word game endlessly, she loves the suspense of waiting to be told to leap.

3 thoughts on “Microscopic Fetching Toy

  1. jomegat says:

    The sliver of wood thing sounds just like Penny, our BC! I always find it amusing the way she will put a paw on someone’s thigh to draw their attention to a fetchable (at least… her notion of a fetchable). She has brought me an oak leaf for that purpose more than once. As if!

  2. workingcollies says:

    Haha, yes, they do get desperate to find something to play with… I always wonder if she finds us exasperating, that she has to point out so many times something that seems so important to her, and we act as if we don’t even notice. They are so predictable!

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